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History and Traditions of Thanksgiving Day

by Team Collectors Abode | Nov 25, 2023

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Thanksgiving is a living, breathing tradition that has grown and developed over the centuries. It is not a one-time story of heritage and pass-on. Thanksgiving is the tale of how people came together, shaped America’s history, and continue to shape America’s future. It is a story that grows as people continue to tell it and pass it on to the next generations.

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”-1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Thanksgiving Day has become an unforgettable holiday with a profound meaning for people worldwide. It has become part of the American culture, and people wait for the day to come to show their gratitude to their friends and loved ones. Thanksgiving Day decorations have also evolved to include more foods and other items, and this is to help people get excited about celebrating the spirit of Thanksgiving.

The history of Thanksgiving Day started in 1621. The first Thanksgiving feast was held in 1621 by the pilgrims of Plymouth Colony to celebrate their first harvest. This feast became an annual tradition, and many foods we enjoy today were served at the first Thanksgiving. Over time, the holiday evolved and changed. In 1789, George Washington declared Thanksgiving a national holiday to give thanks to the newly formed United States of America. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday to be celebrated on the last Thursday of November.

Thanksgiving Day is the day to remember our nation’s heritage and celebrate its early settlers and their hard work. It is a day when we are allowed to take a step back in time and reflect on the foundations of this great country. The spirit of Thanksgiving is alive and well because the stories of its early settlers live on and continue to influence how we live and choose to celebrate this great holiday.

Thanksgiving Day is the time of the year when people gather to enjoy conversation and share news about what they have done and what they plan to do in the upcoming days. It is also a day when people continue to celebrate their love with family and friends and share their joy about the spirit of this great country. Many families start their day with a tradition of eating breakfast and great food like Thanksgiving Turkey. Turkey is traditionally served with cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, and pumpkin pie. One of the most attractive traditions of Thanksgiving Day is Macy’s Parade. The annual Parade is held on Thanksgiving Day in New York City, presented by department store chain Macy’s.

Thanksgiving has been growing over the years thanks to the digital modern age we are living in. On Thanksgiving Basket Day, children are asked to bring food they would like to eat. Children bring food to their schools according to their teacher’s suggestion and share it with each other. This helps them to learn the importance of living in a community and be thankful for the food they are getting to eat.

On Thanksgiving Day, we pause to reflect on everything we are grateful for. We give thanks for our families, our friends, our health, and our many blessings. It is the perfect opportunity to express our gratitude to our Lord, family, and the material possessions we are blessed with. In a world that often feels overwhelming and negative, gratitude is a practice that can help us to find joy and peace. When we are grateful for the good in our lives, we open ourselves up to more happiness, love, and abundance and Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time for this.

Additionally, gratitude can help us to re-frame our perspectives and see the good in difficult situations. When we feel gratitude, we produce positive chemicals in our brains that have many health benefits. These benefits include improved sleep, lower stress levels, and a more robust immune system. Gratitude also helps us to build stronger relationships. When we express gratitude to others, they are more likely to trust and feel closer to us. On Thanksgiving time, we can express gratitude to others, keep a gratitude journal, or simply take time each day to think about the things we are grateful for.

We may create a monthly habit of giving to charity, celebrate the freedom we are blessed with, and advocate for those who are less fortunate than us. So, on this Thanksgiving Day, let us all pause to give thanks for all the good in our lives. We can make this world a livable, better home for all with kindness. Let us also take a moment to express our gratitude for the natural world and our appreciation for the gift of life itself. Be thankful for every moment, good or bad, we have been given.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!