About Us

Building Memories with Collectors Abode

Our Aim

Collectors Abode is a platform for collectors and connoisseurs to discover and shop for rare and unique collectibles. It is a content-based affiliate website. Our product and content pages are designed to enhance customers’ browsing experience and touchpoints. Collectors Abode serves as a marketplace for collectibles by driving traffic and prompting their sales. The sole purpose of our site is to connect buyers with sellers using technology to explore the horizon of collectibles.

We are dedicated to promoting collectibles offered by reputed merchants, private sellers, and individual sellers. Our premise of promoting collectibles is based on a simple philosophy of providing customers with branded, unique, and exclusive collectibles at a competitive price.

Collectors Abode identifies prospective buyers and sellers by creating and transmitting knowledge of different collectible asset classes. We aim to build a state-of-the-art affiliate marketing website for collectibles and to be at the cutting edge of the Collectibles World.

An Ecosystem of Collectibles

We include top-of-the-line products through a rigorous selection process based on product brand, price, features, and customer reviews. You will find most collectibles on our site, ranging from a rare stamp of a missing country from the map to a unique gift or a rare antique to adorn your home. We have grouped all relevant collectibles into seven broad categories: Hobbies, Fine Art, Fashion, Culture, Décor, and Tech. Additionally, we have identified their sub-categories and child (tertiary) categories. It’s an ‘Ecosystem of Collectibles’!

Our Specialties

The Collectors Abode’s homepage features thematic articles based on popular topics in collectibles, such as trending collectibles, assessing the value of collectibles, investing in collectibles, collectibles auctions, and the best-selling collectibles and gifts during holidays and festive occasions. These are intended for knowledge-sharing and providing tips for enthusiastic collectors to figure out the best to add to their favorite collectibles’ shelves. Sub-categories are characterized by listicles, otherwise known as “list posts” which contain a numbered list of recommended products and tips that benefit a customer. Listicles is an easy-to-read alternative to otherwise lengthy and attention-consuming articles.

Furthermore, we have featured three special categories – Celebrations, Auctions, and Appraisal. Sales campaigns are launched during holidays and festivals. You will find the most fun and festive collectibles and gifts for every holiday season under the Celebrations category. Furthermore, we aim to establish mutually beneficial relationships with the leading collectibles auction houses and dealers. The bidders will find collectibles of their choice under the Auctions category. We also intend to cooperate with specialized companies engaged in the Appraisal of collectibles to evaluate their worth. We would be happy to facilitate the sale of your treasure through one of our esteemed affiliate auction houses or dealers.


Collectors Abode participates in the affiliate marketing programs (Amazon Associates Program and eBay Partner Network) of two leading e-commerce platforms, Amazon.com and eBay.com. These programs are intended to provide an opportunity for affiliates to earn commissions by advertising and linking to their websites. There is no additional charge for the customer to use affiliate links.

Collectors Abode is a member of Centava Corporation based in San Francisco, Calif., USA. Centava organizes safety-critical data on transportation assets and makes them available to fleet operators, captive entities, property and casualty insurers, and individuals. It also provides valuation guidance on various physical and alternative assets. Moreover, it provides asset valuation services, particularly rare and antique collectibles, to consumers via its marketing wing, Collectors Abode.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Collectors Abode, we are committed to the well-being and success of the communities that we operate within. We believe in giving back to the community by extending various social services and helping preserve our natural environment. Collectors Abode operates with social responsibility by dedicating part of the commissions earned to promoting digital marketing among interested youth to help them develop their career. These efforts are geared towards assisting young people to start their e-commerce business independently.

Our Social Media Pages

Collectors Abode emphasizes its branding in social media. Connect with us through our social media pages, mainly Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. These serve as platforms for collectors to follow us and provide feedback on our posts.

Stay with Us to Build Memories

We want to make collecting more exciting and rewarding for everyone. Collectors Abode strives to create a memorable and enjoyable customer experience and lives up to its motto of “Building memories through collectibles”.